Our service

We are Europe’s No. 1 service provider for implementing VISA and Mastercard prepaid and credit card programs and enable your company, association or club to create its own prepaid or credit cards and market them quickly, simply and successfully.

Customers value

Give your customers and business partners the choice. The designs for credit cards and prepaid cards can also vary. This means that your customers have the opportunity to not only choose between a prepaid and credit card, but also two different designs.

Your success

Increase your company’s visibility and market penetration. Your new Mastercard prepaid card, complete with your logo and company colours, acts as a mobile advertisement and business card that your customers will constantly carry with them.

Media Industry

Sport clubs

Network marketing



Cities and municipalities

Financial services


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Create some separation from the competition. Use the most successful and prestigious marketing instrument available to make a lasting impression by providing customers and interested parties with your company’s own prepaid or credit card. Take advantage of this unique opportunity and let our experts explain just how simple it really is!

  • Annual card fees can bei freely selected. As partner, you receive the full difference between the retail price and the purchase price
  • You design the card
  • The cards are trusted and accepted everywhere (internet, cash machines, …)
  • Flexible loading options
  • Favourable conditions
  • No third-party ads (not even from us) on your company cards
  • No credit check required for prepaid cards
  • Monthly commissions payment
  • White label landing page with your corporate design etc.
  • Processing handled completely in english
  • Security/card lock feature available 24/7 through the English bank hotline
  • Quick processing and fair implementations conditions