Card Compact FAQ

In our FAQ you will find answers to the most frequently asked questions. If you still have questions, please contact us!

1What is the Card Compact Prepaid Mastercard card?
The Card Compact Prepaid Mastercard Card is an embossed Mastercard CHIP and PIN card issued on a prepaid basis. This means that the balance available to spend on the card is preloaded by the card owner beforehand and is availabe to spend on the card is preloaded and is available so spend worldwide wherever the Mastercard Acceptance Mark is displayed. The technology used ensures that the available balance will always be checked online as part of the payment authorisation process. Offline use of the card is prohibited.
2Can I get the Card Compact without credit scoring?
Yes, due to the fact that the Card Compact Prepaid Mastercard Card is offered on a prepaid basis there is no credit check (such as Schufa in Germany or KSV in Austria) and no need to request a bank report. You do not even need a bank account.
3Are there any registration requirements which must be met?
As there are no pre-qualification requirements, everybody can apply for a Card Compact Prepaid Mastercard Card. All we ask is that the primary cardholder must be aged 18 or over.
4How long do I have to wait for my Card Compact Prepaid Mastercard Card?
Once the order has been verified and payment completed, delivery usually takes about 5 – 7 business days.
5What is pre pre-load limit on the Card Compact Prepaid Mastercard Card?
There are two different levels of identification for card holders. These levels govern the amount that may be pre-loaded onto the card. ID-Level 1: As issued, there is no need for identity documents to be supplied and the maximum amount that can be loaded is one off load of €100 for German residents and a one off load of €250 maximum for other countries. ID-Level 2: With certified documents and a proof of your source of funds (please see below for full details), your balance is further increased to a limit of €50,000 per year. All limits represent amounts loaded annually in the aggregate. All limits represent amounts loaded annually in the aggregate.
6How do I increase my load limits?
You can upgrade at any time or you will be requested to do so via an email from our compliance department once your current load limit has been reached. When your card is issued it comes with ID-Level 1 as standard so you can immediately load €100 in Germany and a one off load of €250 maximum for other countries and start using the card. Upgrades are achieved by providing proof of your identification and address, and by providing information on the source of the funds used to load the card. Please be aware this information is only used by Card Compact and its partners for identification purposes and is not shared with any third parties. To upgrade to ID-Level 2 you are required to send certified copies (do not send originals) of valid proof of Identity documents (Identity card, photo driving licence or passport) and proof of address (recent telephone, gas electricity or utility bill). You are also required to provide proof of source of funds (i.e. a copy wage slip or bank statement) Please note that a fee is charged for upgrading your ID Level which must be paid in advance either directly or by deduction from your card balance. Card Compact have made this process extremely simple by allowing you to upload your documents through the customer website (IDV section). Once uploaded they will be verified and your new load limits will be applied. Also you can send your scanned copies to [email protected] or by secure post to: Card Compact, 483 Green Lanes, London N13 4BS, United Kingdom Please include the name and address of the registered card holder, the unique 9 digit account number found on the bottom of the card, or, the last 6 digits of your card. Do not ever send the full 16 digit number of the card. Full details of all procedures and applicable documents can be provided by our compliance department. Please note that when you exceed the existing limit, further loads sent to the card will be blocked until the upgrade.
7Pre-load information and limits
There are numerous options including paying funds in by cash or online. You can pay money in online via the “load funds” option once you have logged into your secure Card Compact customer portal at The minimum initial load value is €10.00, the maximum single load value is from €500 to €2,500 depending on the IDV level. You can top up your card up to 3 times a day once you have completed an ID Level upgrade. Full instructions on how to load funds is given on the site. You will need to have ready details of the intermediary bank for your region (name of account-holder, account number, sort code and possibly also IBAN und BIC), the amount to be loaded and the unique 9 digit reference printed on your card which has to be quoted as the payment reference number to identify your payment and ensure it is promptly applied to your account. You can alternatively use your full first and last names and the last six digits of your Card Compact Prepaid Mastercard Card and the name of the card-holder. The time taken for the money to appear on your account depends on the method chosen and the usual bank processing times for that method. In certain instances this can be instantaneous, or it may take up to 3 or 4 days. You’ll start to find your way around the Card Compact login area very quickly and will soon be able to choose your preference pre-load methods.
8Can I book the flights with the Card Compact Prepaid Mastercard Card or pay on the Internet?
Yes, the Card Compact Prepaid Mastercard Card is a fully accepted Mastercard, you can enjoy all the benefits of using a Mastercard.
9How can I buy the Card Compact Prepaid Mastercard Card?
Currently you can pay the first issuing fee as follows: Bank transfer Payment on invoice Additional purchase options will follow shortly.
10How can I upload funds?
There are a number of ways in which the card can be loaded. All cards can be loaded by the following methods: SEPA bank transfer Card to Card share function* Sofortbanking* (only in Germany and Austria) * ID Level 2 or above required.
11Payments into the Card Compact Prepaid Mastercard Card by third parties, e. g. for salary, commission, rental receipts, ...
Payments have to be made via the nominated intermediary bank (see “load funds” in the Card Compact login area); the card-holders’s first and last names must be quoted in the reason-for-transfer field, and the last 6 digits fo the the Card Compact Prepaid Mastercard Card must be quoted as a reference number. Please note that, for security reasons, the first inward payment by a third party must be retained by the card issuer for 14 days. Each subsequent payment from the same transfer will then be credited to your card immediately. If a retained payment relates to a transfer made by your employer or a public authority please send us documentation as evidence of that fact by email to [email protected] so that we can credit the transfer amount to your Card Compact Prepaid Mastercard Card straight away. Please note that the ID requires level 2 or higher.
12Is there a cancellation notice period?
No, there is no cancellation notice period. You can terminate your Card Compact Prepaid Mastercard Card at any time. We would still be very grateful if you could give us the reason for the termination, so that we can further improve our service. Please note that cancellation charges may apply.
The PIN will be available on-line as part of the activation process. This makes it possible for you to immediately carry out secure POS payments and, subject to suitable ID requirements being met (IDV Level 2 and above), withdraw your cash with your Card Compact Prepaid Mastercard Card at all Mastercard ATM’s worldwide.
At the present time, interest is not paid on credit balances on the Card Compact Prepaid Mastercard Card.
15What is a CVC Code (also called Security Number)?
CVC is an Acronym that stands for Card Verification Code. It is an added security feature, when making a Card Compact purchase via the Internet, you will be required to enter not just your not just your 16-digit card number (along with name and expiration date), but also the CVC code. This has been generated uniquely for your card number at random. Only when these two numbers match, will the the payment be verified. The CVC code for your Card Compact Prepaid Mastercard Card is printed on the back of the card as part of the signature strip and you will be normally asked for the last 3 digits only. This code is used to verify transactions where the card is not present, such as in Internet purchases, and proves to the merchant that the physical card is in your presence.
16My Card Compact Prepaid Mastercard Card has been blocked. What do I need to do?
If this happens, please contact Costumer Care, MyCardCompact direct; you can do this by email to [email protected] or by telephone on +44 20 36953242.
17Additional usage
A wonderful additional feature of your Card Compact Prepaid Mastercard Card is the ability to not only load any card via money transfer, but also instantly transfer money directly between cards. This card to card feature, which requires both cards to be upgraded to ID level 2 or above, allows you to send and receive funds instantly from other known card holders.